In the world of visually similar messengers, what new can we bring to its design?

I've tried to design a new tool for messaging, merging the idea of real-time conversations and beautiful photo backgrounds.

Conversation screen

The concept is simple. Firstly, only the latest text stays on screen. Because it's no need to bother yourself with yesterday conversations.

Secondly, conversations are real-time, so you can see every letter your friend is typing. And answer them before they even finish — only true friends can really do this.

Thirdly, sharing photos, videos and links is as usual. What is unusual — they stay on the screen unless you swipe them away. Take your time to discuss it!




I am grateful to Marina for making gorgeous lettering for Picnic. As always, I suggest checking her Instagram.

To show my concept in all it's glory, I've designed a promo site.

Promo landing

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